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Almost There: DWTS Season 32 Semi-Finals!

We’ve finally made it to the semi-finals of Season 32 of Dancing with the Stars! This is the most exciting part of the season, aside from the finale. There was no opening number, just a brief intro before diving right into the competitive numbers. This week, there was no guest judge, and each couple performed two full-length dances, one ballroom and one Latin, that will hopefully get them into the finale.

Let’s begin!


This dance was so much fun! There was so much content, and I am really impressed with Ariana’s stamina. She was engaged and full of attitude during the whole routine. During the judges’ comments, Carrie Ann asked for more details about the injury Ariana is struggling with, and she gave some enlightening info in her answer.

This Viennese waltz was gorgeous and elegant, and kept the momentum that Jason gained last week with his perfect score. The judges were looking for a little bit more, though.

While rehearsing, Xochitl said she hadn’t gotten any 10s for her Latin routines, so she wanted her samba to be perfect. It was absolutely wonderful! She nailed all the challenging choreography with the charm that she’s had all competition long, with all the skill of an experienced dancer.

I’ve been waiting for this emotional breakthrough from Charity for weeks! After weeks of getting constant comments about the emotional aspect of her dancing, Charity was connected to the vulnerability and the storytelling of the piece.

This dance was technically challenging with a touch of silly, which is a combination that is just right for this team. Sometimes Alyson seemed a bit off-balance, but the big trick towards the end was excellent, and the routine overall was a lot of fun.


We love a classic Latin dance! For me, this routine really shined in the section where Jason and Daniella danced side by side. There were so many challenging moves that Jason totally nailed, like those knee walks. The judges loved it, and gave the team a well-deserved perfect score.

I love how the production aspects of this dance were simple, yet so elegant. Val seriously knows how to choreograph for television. Xochitl danced so beautifully and gracefully. She and Val were perfectly in sync, it was like they were breathing together throughout the routine.

I loved this routine! Charity looked like she was having so much fun, and the energy matched the clean technique she’s had all season long. This was one of her best dances.

Regretfully, the fog machine made its return here, which I hate, but the dance itself was lovely. There was so much confidence and grace, and I loved Alyson’s arm and leg extensions.

The foxtrot is one of my favorites, and I absolutely loved the choreography here. All the skips and chassés were so sassy, and the syncopation throughout was really striking. I really liked how the final pose was really simple, but still seemed dramatic in its execution.

This was the most memorable DWTS elimination in a while. I think everyone was expecting Alyson & Pasha to be eliminated at the semi-finals, leaving Charity, Jason, Ariana and Xochitl in the final four. So everyone was surprised when Alyson & Sasha were announced as the first couple in the finale. Even Alyson was clearly shocked. Everyone was even more shocked as Jason and Charity were named finalists and only Ariana & Pasha and Xochitl & Val were left standing. Ariana and Xochitl were clearly both trying to put on a brave face for the cameras as they prepared themselves to be eliminated. It was actually kind of hard to watch. Finally, Alfonso said, “The couple dancing in the finale will be…BOTH OF YOU!” Honestly, I think that move was a little mean. However, it was so moving to see how excited all the remaining teams were to hear that they all made it to the finale. While they are technically competing against each other, there seems to be true camaraderie within this cast.

And Dancing with the Stars history has been made with this being the first season with five couples in the finale! The last broadcast of the season is going to be jam-packed with ten competitive dances, and a handful of special performances (I am particularly looking forward to seeing Charli & Mark return to the dance floor).

What are you most excited to see during the season finale? Who do you think will win it all?

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