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Summer 2021 Playlist

Updated: May 10, 2022

Between schoolwork, freelance work, writing for my blog, and reading as much as I can, I have a lot to keep me busy this summer. Oftentimes when I am trying to check some stuff off of my to-do list, I will be listening to music. Since I was in my early teens, my Spotify has been almost entirely Disney and musical theatre. Lately, I’ve been on a non-musicals kick, focusing on five artists whose music I enjoy. I have all the albums by each of my favorite artists on one big playlist, which is almost 12 hours long! For today’s blog post, I wanted to share what’s on my playlist, as well as a few of my favorite songs from each album. If you are unfamiliar with any of the music on my list, I highly recommend you check it out!


Livin’ on Love

Big White Bed

Growing Old on Bleecker Street

Eyes Wide Open

Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying

Middle of Starting Over

White Flag

On Purpose



All We Have Is Love


No Grass Today

I’m Not Famous

Bud Like You

Almost Love

Sue Me

Bad Time

Diamonds Are Forever

Ease My Mind

Grow As We Go


Share Your Address

Next Up Forever


Wow, I’m Not Crazy

Dear Winter

In My Bed

Pushing 20

Take Off All Your Cool


I Forgot That You Existed

Cruel Summer

Paper Rings

London Boy

the 1



the lakes

champagne problems

no body, no crime


long story short

OK Overture


World’s Smallest Violin

Way Less Sad

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

The Way I Loved You (Taylor’s Version)

Forever and Always (Taylor’s Version)

Jump Then Fall (Taylor’s Version)


deja vu

good 4 u

hope ur ok

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